Coaches Corner

The Arizona Coaches Association is staying busy and appreciates all the input for the coaches this year. Keep up the good work!

Here’s a quick overview of some of what’s going on:

Arizona Sports are off to a great start.

Congratulations to all the new State Champs. The Arizona Coaches Association Meeting is December 4th at Dobson High School at 10:00 a.m. Please visit the website at for details and to download the all star forms prior to the meeting. We have some great athletes that need to be showcased at our Summer All Star Games in Surprise. Make a note that the selection meetings next school year will move to Surprise as well.

The AIA is seeking feedback about the Fall State Tournaments that have occurred. Please take the time to respond to the survey and fax or mail it to them. The survey is below. Please fill it out, cut it out and mail it. If you want an electronic version, please email me at and I will be happy to send it out to you. It can be mailed to:

Arizona Interscholastic Association

7007 North 18th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85020-5552

Phone (602) 385-3810

Main Office Fax (602) 385-3779

Official’s Office Fax (602) 385-3780

Tournament Office Fax (602) 385-3781

The Junk Food Ban is back in the news and I will address it in a separate article. In addition, the ACA will support more Coaches Clinics to keep Coaches informed and educated in their profession. It is an awesome responsibility to coach and we want to help our coaches make the best decisions for their athletes. We want coaches active, involved and informed.

Youth clinics are being added in communities to prepare children for sports as well as to send the message of good health. Our ACA coaches and athletes will be helping communities encourage good fitness habits through sports. Childhood obesity is a concern and the ACA is here to help with the activity portion of that problem.

In addition, the ACA will launch a search for the top 60 Coaches in the history of Arizona High School Athletics.

We will also choose the top Coach of the 75th Century for a National feature with Scholastic Coach Magazine. One candidate from each state will be considered. Candidates must have been coaches in the state for 15 years. They can be male or female, alive or deceased, and can be coaches from any high school sport. Please visit the website to cast your opinion before December 1, 2005 under the Current Events link of A direct link is

While you are at the discussion board, please weigh in on the Division I and II classifications. What do you think?

The ACA is also working to help athletes get noticed and recruited from our high schools into college. The ACA has signed a deal to make recruiting cost effective and credible. Please visit our website to find out about DI Athletes.