In this day and age optimization of performance is crucial. Young athletes are seeking specialized fitness training, focusing on one sport or attending sports specific camps to enhance their performance. As I have mentioned in earlier articles speed is one of the most sought after performance enhancement component. Today, you will discover one of the most beneficial movements that enhance overall speed…The Power Snatch.

Step One (Starting Position) a) Shoulders above and just forward of the bar

b) Hands placed far apart on bar (index finger on or outside the far line)

c) Lower back flat and tight with chest up

d) Bar should start as close to the shin as possible

Step Two (First Pull)

a) Lift the bar off the ground keeping the bar very close to your shins

b) Angle of the back, chest, and shoulder remain the same until bar approaches the top of knee cap height

Step Three (Acceleration Phase)

a) Torso starts to straighten and legs extend

b) Bar is kept close to the body

c) Shoulders remain slightly in front and above the bar at this point as the bar approaches the top of thigh/groin region

Step Four (Hip Extensionsecond pull)

a) As the bar meets the top of thigh/groin region the vertical power transition occurs as you explode upward using your entire lower torso and legs to generate power to get the bar moving upward in a straight line.

b) Apply an explosive shrug at the top of hip extension (imagine a vertical jump)

c) As the bar flies upward flare your elbows up and out to the sides, keeping the bar as close to the body as possible

Step Five (Receive)

a) As the bar reaches maximum height you must quickly jump and squat underneath the bar, utilize your arms to pull you under the bar and push yourself down into a quarter squat position.

b) Focus on jumping your feet and turning over your arms into a locked overhead position simultaneously

c) Arms locked and traps contract to help stabilize the bar as you push up on the bar in the receiving position.

d) The bar should be slightly behind ears with the barbell directly in line with the elbow, shoulder and middle of foot Step Six (Completion)

a) Once the bar is under your control, stand up and hold the weight for 2 seconds with the barbell directly above wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and middle of foot.

b) Finally allow weights to fall forward (if using Olympic Bumper plates of course!) under control.

The power snatch will develop strength and speed more than any other lift out there. The goal in this article was to introduce and educate our readers about the power snatch and how it may help you in your athletic career. When introducing the power snatch in to your program make sure to increase the load progressively and never, never sacrifice quality for quantity with this lift, because it may lead to injury and less than optimal gains will be of consequence. And please when performing Olympic lifts of any form a qualified lifting coach should always be present.

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