Summer is just around the corner and the heat index is rising. Boys and girls, get your swimming trunks ready because it’s time to hit the water! Tanning on the shores of Hawaii, jet skiing on Lake Havasu, or hanging out at the water park… whatever the case, maybe it’s time to get that “beach body” in shape.

However, for all young athletes out there, it’s not just about looking good — it’s about getting better. Here are a few unique exercises that we use here at Ikei Performance to get our professional athlete “beach bodies” in shape for the summer and the upcoming sports season. Ridge (71), and Desert Vista (61).

Many of these exercises you may have not seen or heard of because they’re our ‘secret weapons’ when it comes to performance training. But this summer, we want to share some of our advanced training methods with Arizona athletes. We will be featuring twelve of our fundamental exercises; three of them are detailed below and the other nine will be available at www.ikeiperformance.com

Please note that these lifts require proper technique and can lead to injury from inappropriate weight selection and poor coaching. If you have any preexisting injuries to a specific muscle or joint, some of these exercises may exacerbate the condition. Before attempting this program it is advised to consult with a qualified Ikei Performance professional. Refer back to our earlier SportZine article: “Building a Champion one Phase at a Time Part 1 & 2” for more details on reps, sets, tempo and rest.

Back Wide Mixed Grip Pull-up Key Points: hand position with one palm facing you and other facing away, pull chest to hand facing you, stretch arms fully in bottom, control lowering of body slowly

Legs (Hip Extensor) Romanian Deadlift Key Points: keep back flat, keep bar close to legs as you lower bar, push hips backwards with weight on heels, knees kept slightly bent throughout movement

Core Hanging Garhammer Key Points: keep arms straight, knees start at 90 degrees to body, curl knees to chest

Shoulder: 30 deg Low Pulley External Rotation

Triceps: Double Quarter Triceps Dips

Biceps: 1/4 Low Incline Db Zottman Curls

Chest: Paused 1/4 Incline Barbell Press

Legs (Quad): Pause Bulgarian Db Split Squat

Total Body: Power Snatch Complex