Nutritional supplements: Are they necessary?

    Another important consideration when dealing with nutritional supplements is not knowing how these substances will interact with your metabolism or other medications you might be taking.  Many nutritional supplements are poorly studied for the effects and almost never studied for how they interact with other supplements or drugs.
    Remember, just because a product is sold as all-natural, or in a health food store, it doesn’t make it safe or effective.  Arsenic is an all-natural food.
    I believe it’s important to educate young athletes on the proper way to eat normal, healthy foods to provide enough energy and calories to help them reach their goals of success.  There is nothing you can’t find in regular food that some pill is going to provide to give you an added edge. Eating healthy and properly takes some time and planning, but in the end will provide the best and most lasting effect on your performance.
    Stay hydrated and stay healthy this summer!

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