If you get your bell rung, sit it out for awhile

    Zackery’s father, Victor Lystedt, saw years of effort realized with the passing of the Washington law.  He worked with his state representative to make it happen.  The injury occurred while his son was making a takle in a middle-school game; after sitting out for awhile, Zackery returned to the game and collapsed after the game.  Today, he’s wheel-chair bound and needs 24-hour care.
    Looking at the problem at the pro level, a study on retired NFL players indicates that recurrent concussions can also lead to depression and early dementia.  Although rare, concussions have also been shown to lead to death; second impact syndrome (SIS) swells the brain, shuts down the brain stem, and results in resspiratory failure.
    The National Federation of State High School Associations has shown increased concern for the problem, and has created a revised pamphlet warning of the dangers of concussions and is sending it to the state federations for distribution to all the high schools across the country.
    In the meantime, the best advice: “When in doubt, the player must come out.”