Freshman runner wins in Flagstaff as leader collapses

While a wily old veteran was taking care of business as usual on the
boys’ side, it was a young upstart female runner that came flying out
of the final turn in the annual Flagstaff city cross-country meet to pocket her first varsity win.
    Two-time defending state champion Brian Shrader (photo left) from Sinagua High School overtook Garner Grennier,
a junior from Flagstaff High School, in the last quarter-mile of the
race to post his third consecutive first-place finish in the annual
3-mile event held at Buffalo Park.  Shrader, a seasoned senior,
finished in a time of 16:05, making up as much as 20 seconds in the
last half-mile.  Grennier finished second in 16:12
    Shrader has
clocked a personal best this year of 14:24 and has also won the Queen
Creek Twilight Festival, Ray Wherley CC Invitational, and the Peaks
    On the girls’ side, Breanna O’Connor, a freshman from Flagstaff HS, finished ahead of race favorite Andrea Klimowski from
Northland Preparatory Academy, the defending 1A-2A state champion, to
win in 19:29.  O’Connor has been threatening all season long, finishing
in the top 10 in every race so far, but this was her first varsity
win.  Klimowski, who was leading at the two-mile mark, never made it to
the finish line, collapsing toward the end of the course from what
later was diagnosed as dehydration.
    In the team competition,
Flagstaff HS took both the girls and boys team titles.  For the girls
team, this was…ho-hum… the 12th consecutive city title. Ten of the
top 12 finishers in the girls competition were from Flagstaff HS.
The Flagstaff boys won with 27 team points, followed by Sinagua HS
(41), and Northland Prep (64).  In the girls division, it was Flagstaff
HS in first with 15 points, followed by Northland Prep (50), and
Sinagua HS
    Boys individual results, top 10 finishers: 1) Shrader 2) Grennier 3) Dillon Hatch (16:23) Sinagua HS  4) Nic Santillan (16:43) Flagstaff HS  5) Andrew Clawson (17:05) Flagstaff HS  6) Dominic Tosi (17:27) Northland Prep  7) Zack Nelson (17:45) Flagstaff HS  8) Justin Brown (17:48.2) Sinagua HS  9) Tee Jay Lee (17:48.9) Flagstaff HS  10) Blake Beyer (18:06) Flagstaff HS.
    Girls individual results: 1) O’Conner 2) Kimmi Allan (20.09) Flagstaff HS  3) Taryn Treadway (20:27) Flagstaff HS  4) Keilah Creedon (20:41) Flagstaff HS  5) Kadra Bergman (21:03) Flagstaff HS  6) Wrenn Korbin (21:15) Flagstaff HS  7) Jessica McMillin (21:20) Northland Prep  8) Amy Bain (21:32) Northland Prep  9) Shannon Moran (21:43) Flagstaff HS  10) Sarah Posner (22:09) Flagstaff HS.