Sparky makes the cut – but isn’t scary enough to be No. 1

Sparky finally got his props, as fans around the country noticed how unique the little devil really is.

The sports blog,, took notes on all the college mascots around the country and came up with a list of “The Most Clever Mascot Designations in College Football.”  Right there, in the No. 5 position, was Arizona State’s devilish mascot.

“While the team never really took flight in 2009 (ouch!), things were always heating up in Arizona as the Sun Devil fans stood on their feet while their mascot performed life threatening stunts to keep the fans entertained,” was the reason given for picking the little guy.  Life-threatening stunts?

The blog continued: “As much as I love the cartoon-like costume, coming up with the name Sun Devils is astounding…”  Not too hard to figure when you consider we have something like 362 days of sunshine each year.  But we’ll take it.

So, who beat out Sparky, you ask.

The Thundering Herd of Marshall University was No. 1, followed by the Purdue Boilermakers, Cincinnati Bearcats, and the Illinois Fighting Illini.  The Thundering Herd won it all because of its “uncanny originality and the sense of slight fear it brings to its opponents.  Slight fear?

And, just for good measure, they threw in the Michigan State mascot.  They said MSU’s “Sparty” was given the honorable mention award because he is “the baddest ass mascot in college football… I wouldn’t want to be caught in a dark alley with this guy, even if it’s only a costume.”

Guess they figured the UofA wildcat just wasn’t scary enough for their list.