Payson HS sports programs dealing with dismissals

The Payson HS softball team was scheduled to hold its annual barbecue dinner Friday night.  You’ve got to wonder how that went.

It’s likely that softball was NOT the main topic of the evening.

The PHS softball team, as well as the baseball team, are both sitting at the cut-off point for the playoffs.  Both teams are fighting to get into post-season play without having to depend on the regional tournament.

But the fighting among the school administrators and parents is getting the lion’s share of the attention.  Some of the school officials, starting at the top and working down to the sports program, apparently have been dismissed/laid off from their jobs.  The turmoil appears to be a reaction to the extensive staff cuts just announced by the school board.

According to an article in the Payson Roundup, the baseball coach, Jerry Daniels, is also among those on the way out the door.  But he can’t complain to the athletic director, Jason Lobik.  The AD is among those getting an “unexpected dismissal.”

And Lobik can’t go to the assistant principal to get things straightened out.  Tim Fruth has also been dismissed.

And… yep, you guessed it.  The principal, Roy Sandoval, is also among the casualties.

According to the paper, parents are looking for answers to the sudden terminations.  They are questioning how all this is going to impact the school’s athletic programs for next year.

Maybe they should ask the school district’s superintendent to step in.

Oh yeah, that probably won’t work either. Casey O’Brien is said to be looking for a new job elsewhere.

That team barbecue Friday night served up hot beef and beans – and undoubtedly some really hot conversation as well.

Stay tuned…