PHXFan is the leading sports blog dedicated to High School and College Sports in Arizona.

PHXFan was originally created as SportZine Magazine, a print publication dedicated to local high school sports and distributed free to more than 80 high school athletic departments on campuses throughout the metro Phoenix market.

SportZine first published in 2002, with the help of  its charter partner, The Phoenix Suns.  During its run as a print publication, the magazine also enjoyed the support of Arizona State University Athletics and the professional sports organizations, including the Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Coyotes, Mercury, and Rattlers. They all understood the value of promoting high school athletics.

The tagline appearing under the cover title was “Developing character through athletics” and the magazine put the spotlight on those values.   It was a unique and exciting publishing venture that didn’t just cover the games, but looked into the stories behind the competition.  We still include copies of that magazine that can be downloaded from this site.

In 2007 the magazine converted to an online presence that allowed us to publish real-time articles in a distributed way that enabled others to contribute content.

Today we have evolved to PhxFan.com, with  state-of-the-art architecture that gives us a  dynamic new visual format, increased opportunities for expanded coverage and distribution, and a new market that includes Arizona colleges.  We also cover the bases (baseball-speak) with direct links to Twitter and Facebook.

But, with all these improvements, we are still committed to our original mission: to promote the value of athletic competition and showcase the personal accomplishments of our Arizona students and the schools they represent.

“The ultimate aim of athletics lies not in victory or defeat, but in the development of the character of its participants.”